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How Does a Newly Opened Restaurant Succeed?

How Does a Newly Opened Restaurant Succeed? What Are The Most Important Features That Make A New Restaurant Successful?
After the Construction Part of the Restaurant is Completed, "Before Opening to Guest Service", are the Considerations to be Considered While Interior Decoration in the Concept Design of the Restaurant...
***  Before opening the new restaurant and announcing your goals , check in advance whether you can get the licenses of the features in the service portfolio (open area, indoor area, number of tables, alcohol license, working hours, etc.) from official institutions,taking into account the  New Restaurant Budget .
***  For sure success in your new restaurant  first create a budget yourself. Then, ask an expert in the gastronomy consultancy to create a new budget by explaining the features of the new restaurant . Confirm the restaurant budget presented to you with the people who are familiar with the subject (architect, engineer, fixture expenses, etc.).
***  In order not to make the most common mistakes when opening a new restaurant  , compare the accuracy of your own budget with other budgets.  _+ Start  your new restaurant project by adjusting your financial situation with a 20% margin of error 
***  Before starting your new restaurant project, always keep 10% of your total budget in your safe for the first 6 months after opening.
***  In the supply chain, set your payments as once every 15 days or once a month and try to make them on time. Make the personnel salaries strictly on the date you specify. Never mention or make your personnel talk about your commercial payments...
***  Before opening a new restaurant, Restaurant Conceptand the Kitchen concept and food menu you want to present to your guests very well.
***  In order to have one of the best restaurants in the city, establish easy-to-use Ordering Options for the guests and offer different menus with a focus on satisfaction for groups .
***  You succeed in preparing the best options without alternatives in organized programs special for individuals and groups and being indispensable with one-to-one service options in restaurant management.
***  Before Opening a New Restaurant , research the official and unofficial Commercial Dimensions in your previously targeted service areas and in order todiscover the Restaurant Concept that is missing in the city and to become one of the most successful restaurants .
***  For the new restaurant , prepare the Organization Agreement Text for the groups in the  Activity & Banquet Menus ,  Sample Restaurant Menus , Winter Menu and Menu Types .
***  In order to be among the best restaurants in the city, assign a person or persons for Social Media inKitchen Planning and  Restaurant Management  and restaurant management circular .
***  Follow orhave the current Culinary Trends, new gastronomy Trends, restaurant Trends and food Trends and Marketing Trends in the service standards of your new restaurant.
***  Give priority to culinary trainings , taking into account theand  Kitchen Management  and  Guest Satisfaction  -oriented  Menu Planning in Restaurant Management of your new restaurant 
***  Create departments where you can gain Alternative Income and profit by prioritizing the existing features and concept ofnew restaurant such as kitchen types ,  kitchen sections  and cooking equipment . (package catering services, banquet organization , Package Orders)
*** You can contact me through my contact information for more information on the subjects specified by labeling, taking into account my professional background in the above article, and to get support for Restaurant ConsultingKitchen Consulting  in the titles within my Service Areas. ***

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